Review Policy

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Dear Creators and Designers,

I am honoured that you would select my blog to promote and review your items but please take note of the following criteria I personally hold myself to:

  • Please understand that my sponsors are always a priority and so, I will ensure my blog time is dedicated to them before others.
  • I will only review items I personally like. It is important for me to be honest in all reviews as the purpose of my blog is to help potential customers with awareness of new products, how to style them as well as where to find them easily. Having to critique an item is counter-productive to the nature of why I blog. Please don’t be offended if I choose not to, we all have varying styles and tastes, it may be a simple case of the fit or time constraints in my personal life.
  • I do not use Photoshop. Though I admire the beautiful work produced using it, I personally choose not to. The reason for this is that I blog for the customer. Often images can be over enhanced and so when the consumer purchases the item they believed looked a certain way, they feel cheated as it was not what they expected. For this reason I use only basic editing software and a little creativity in the way I present the releases to ensure they are tantalizing to the customer but an honest portrayal.

Thank you again for your interest. If you have any questions or wish to contact me in-world, my avatar name in Second Life is Kaalila Ironbeard found under Kaalila Resident ❤