Coy 21B_001

I have been an active role player in GE Gor for sometime now and admittedly, as much as story lines and combat draw me to the game, its the fashion, costumes, weapons, armor and accessories put together to create my chosen fantasy that thrills me. Fashion, glamour, fantasy…. I LOVE IT!

Blogging has become a passion of mine and devote a great deal of time and attention to it. I am always honored to be selected by sponsors and all offers are appreciated and welcomed. In terms of my pictures, they are always taken in world and under go minimal editing. I absolutely adore the art created in Photoshop and respect the talent it takes to use it but, as I am promoting apparel and items, I would rather the buyer see the product exactly as they would receive it. There’s nothing worse than buying an item you’ve seen look one way in a picture, then feeling jibbed because what you get is not identical.



  1. Hi! I’d love to send you some releases to blog if you like, but i can’t find you in sl, could you help me? Thanks lol

    1. Hi there, that’s really strange, thank you for thinking of me for promoting your products. My name in SL is Kaalila Ironbeard (kaalila) I’ve turned search on so it should pick up either Kaalila or kaalila resident depending on the viewer ❤

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