He had it comin’

He had it comin' 4A_001 He had it comin' B He had it comin' A

The Fantasy Collective is about to open it’s doors for the September round and what a mass of macabre treats as well as pretty ones too. TFC opens at noon on the 22nd and closes on the 15th of October.   Make sure you don’t miss out and if you are salivating for more, check out their Flickr, their official blog and their Plurk for more tantalizing previews. In this post I couldn’t resist the Genesis Head Amber 2.0. I haven’t made it a secret that I am not the biggest fan of mesh heads but what I enjoy about Genesis, is they ensure originality. My greatest peeve when it comes to mesh heads is that in a virtual world, beauty is at the click of a button. Keeping our identity and being original and autonomous is becoming more and more difficult. The Amber head not only comes with a HUD that has 8 different emotions, there is also a variety of make ups, blemishes and freckles as well as adjustable head length and width. It fits well with the Maitreya mesh body and the base tones match pretty well with your neck fixer on so you may not need to buy an applier for you mesh body, I didnt have to. So ladies, gents and those that are yet to decide….GO NOW ❤ Lastly, but certainly not least..er…ly, a gorgeous little collar by my adored Salt & Pepper. I love the coiled metal wire look with a bead adornment. It’s available in 3 tones and 3 metals so it will fit perfectly with any outfit. To get yours take your taxi to Shiny Shabby here


Hair: Exile::The Countess All or nothing The Fantasy Collective
Shape: My Own
Head: Genesis_Head_Amber_2.0 The Fantasy Collective
Make up: Genesis_Lab_LipGloss_WINE_KISS The Fantasy Collective
Collar: S&P Unisex necklace Andy Shiny Shabby
Rings: Kibitz – Clemencia ring set – gold
Pauldron: {Pitch} Raven pauldron .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. The Fantasy Collective
Dress: !!TWA!! Feral Garden Gown Set-Fear The Fantasy Collective


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