Love for Artisan Fantasy

AF Shield C

Hello my BB’s. I’m stepping out of the fashion world today to show you a few items from a creator that I simply adore. With the events I blog for, I’ve never taken much notice of the home and garden items considering my blog is based on fashion. But throughout the last rounds, one creator really drew my attention, so much so that I just had to visit their in-world store and literally buy everything I could get my hands on. As co-owner of a Gorean Role Play sim, I was lucky enough to have a blank canvas to play with and decorate to my hearts content. Art (ArtizanMesh Resident) and Fraynkie Resident, owners of Artisan Fantasy, are quite simply, a master craftsmen. Each piece is beautifully textured and sculpted. From the colour of the materials to the fabrics, I cannot find flaws in any. The animations are excellent as well but what I really want to boast about, is the custom shield he made for the Ironbeard family. A clever idea and commissioned by our talented grandson Nickoli Ironbeard, a master at building too. He has captured the essence of the iron mining Torvies perfectly even down to the choice in wood texture to match that ginger beard that started it all. And being modifiable with permissions, I was even able to shrink one down and attach to a chain to make a necklace so the women of the family could also wear it with pride. I really cant say enough about Artisan Fantasy, but I will demand that you all visit the in-world store by clicking here, or check them out on market place here and finally take a peek at their Flickr hereIf you’d like to visit the sim to see the items in action join us at Raven Guard but please remember this is a Gorean BtB sim and the rules whilst there should be observe.

AF 12A_001 AF C AF D

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