Hair Affair

TRUTH: Damaris and Gilda at The Arcade

Truth @ ArcadeThe Arcade is open my pretties and there is hair galore! First up, my favorites by Truth Hawkes.I just adore the accessories which are modifiable as well as HUD controlled so you really cant go wrong.

.Olive: The Sweetpea hair and +Spellbound+ Muse (Prints) // Chapter I : Earth at The Arcade

Olive and Spellbound @ArcadeThese are two super cute little hairs. Sweetpea by Olive is whispy and flirty with that tousled bed head look, super fitting as an accessory offered by the gacha is a sleep mask. The Muse by Spellbound has a chic boho head scarf with a variety of prints and styles.

Exile: Twist and Shout at The Arcade

Exile @ ArcadeThese hairs scream bombshell pin up to me but I do have a love/hate relationship with them as though I adore the look and style, they look rather large on my avatar, that’s not to say it would look amazing on yours.

Through all of the featured pics, I have worn the pixicat Temptation corsets in the range of colours offered. I simply adore them. The ruffled bust, cinched wait and garter bows are stunning. I didnt manage to win myself the gold RARE but I will most certainly be going back to get it so stay tuned for a feature on it and in the mean time, here is the gacha key to inspire you.










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